Social Media x Organic Leads

Jun 30, 2015
People love to hate on using social media to advertise (and rightly so). The amount of clickbait and garbage articles that live on the internet today is overwhelming, and it's getting worse and worse. What if I told you there was a way to advertise on social media without taking advantage of users? The key is to let it occur organically.

Organic Conversions

Let me give you an example of an organic conversion – the company that I used to work for provided marketing for plastic and cosmetic surgeons. Often times when I would go into the doctor's social media accounts and there would be a handful of unread messages (usually on Facebook) with legitimate questions from potential patients.

“How much would a liposuction procedure cost?”

“Doctor, I'm very interested in x procedure but am worried about the recovery process. Can you answer some questions?”

These are examples of people reaching out to the doctor (or practice) directly and no one seemed to care. Why not? Because social media has a stigma (especially amongst professionals such as doctors and lawyers).

The Answer?

It's simple: social media is an extremely effective tool to connect with your audience. The best way to utilize this connection is to provide great content and answers for your audience, and let them reach out to you. In turn, this creates a process where your leads automatically become much more solid.

In the example with the doctors, the best thing to do was to train their front-office employee (or someone) to monitor their Facebook account throughout the day. As soon as a message or comment would come in, the employee would see, and (if they can) reply.

The bottom line is that people don't like feeling like they are forced into a buying decision, so don't force them. Instead, let them come to you organically.

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