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Jul 31, 2015
There are too many “professionals” out in the world today who are just bullshitting there way through every task/project. If you aren't a writer, stop saying that you write. If you don't know technical SEO, stop saying that you are an SEO. If you can't code a website from scratch, stop saying that you are a developer. It wastes your time, it wastes our time, and it will embarrass you in the end.

Instead, why not just be honest? Unfortunately, this happens all too often during interviews. This is a typical scenario: have a candidate come in for x role, one of our employees who does job x asks them a series of questions, the interviewee hops around the questions (and doesn't give a straight answer). Why? Why not just be straight forward? If you aren't qualified for a position, don't apply. If you are approached with a job offer and know that you can't perform, make sure to let them know your level of experience.

The good news is that it's getting more and more difficult to lie about what you do. I always like to test people on what they say they do. “Oh, you know technical SEO? Awesome! Here's a site I need to run an audit on, can you briefly run me through some of the main issues/errors on the site and how you would go about fixing them?” This would be a normal question at an interview. This question might be the only one you need in order to truly see how good the candidate is at a technical SEO audit.

The Point

The point is, people just need to stop lying. There have been multiple times when clients contact me directly about a company that says my work isn't good enough. I always love these kinds of emails, but sadly nine out of ten times they are illegitimate. The one time that someone does have something legitimate, it's an opportunity for me to improve on my work. Why would any professional be scared of that?

Bottom line: if you can't perform a certain task, stop saying that you can. Instead, take the time to learn how to perform that task well. This will save everyone time, money, and any embarrassments.

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