Thoughts on Web Traffic

Dec 9th

When I was first learning about SEO and digital marketing in general, I remember I was always reading about traffic.

"I can increase your website traffic by 100% in two months".

"My site got 10,000 hits today".

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The Ultimate Secret to SEO

Nov 18th

I remember when I first started learning about SEO. It was probably 5 years ago or so while I was still in college at the University of Washington. I was studying marketing and started learning various SEO tactics on my own (unfortunately there weren...

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Thoughts on “Traditional Marketing”

Nov 2nd

Years ago, what we now call “traditional marketing” was the best way an agency could help companies increase sales. Some examples of traditional marketing include billboards, radio advertisements, magazine advertisements, TV spots, and more.<...

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Interviews x BS

Jul 31st

There are too many “professionals” out in the world today who are just bullshitting there way through every task/project. If you aren't a writer, stop saying that you write. If you don't know technical SEO, stop ...

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Technology x Being Aware

Jun 30th

Recently, I finished reading the book “The Circle” by Dave Eggers. Although the book was very predictable, it was an entertaining and accurate (although blown out of proportion) read. Essentially, the book is about a girl, Mae, who gets hi...

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Social Media x Organic Leads

Jun 30th

People love to hate on using social media to advertise (and rightly so). The amount of clickbait and garbage articles that live on the internet today is overwhelming, and it's getting worse and worse. What if I told you there was a way to advertise o...

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